Healthcare Delivery SystemsPresented ByDescriptionDate
Journal of Pain and Symptom ManagementKelly BrunoPalliative Care Services in California Hospitals: Program Prevalence and Hospital CharacteristicsNovember 2011
Recuperative Care Center of Los Angeles Elizabeth Yang October 2011
Patient Satisfaction: Why It Matters J. Eugene Grigsby, IIIHealthcare WebSummit presentation addressing patient satisfaction, outcomes and your bottom lineSeptember 2011
Integration of Emerging Healthcare Delivery Systems in South LAJ. Eugene Grigsby, IIIPresentation to convening meeting of stakeholders to discuss development of an integrated health delivery network in South LAJuly 2011
Patient Safety First Poster PresentationMia AriasThis poster presentation for Patient Safety First…a California Partnership for Health was given at the 2011 National Patient Safety Foundation Forum.May 2011
Web-Based Outcomes Tracking & Outreach for Pregnant & Parenting Teens ProgramBrooke FoxOutcomes of the program sponsored by the Harold Edelstein FoundationApril 2010
Quantifying Care Management Kelly Bruno and Danielle CameronResults of NHF’s collaborative with S+AGE, as presented at the American Society on Aging National Conference on Aging.March 2009
Healthcare in Southern California Danielle CameronA presentation of findings from the report, “Health Care in Southern California: Perceptions vs. Facts” to the California Partnership for Access to Treatment.March 2008

Chronic Disease Management and PreventionPresented ByDescriptionDate
Lessons Learned from the Los Angeles Chronic Disease Management ConsortiumMia AriasA presentation on coalitions as change agents highlighting lessons learned from the work of the Los Angeles Chronic Disease Management Consortium.August 2010
The H.O.P.E. for Health Campaign: Hospitals Offering Prevention to EveryoneMia AriasThis presentation was made at the 2010 United States Public Health Officers SymposiumMay 2010
The HOPE for Health Campaign Model-PosterMia AriasA scientific poster designed to illustrate the program model of the HOPE for Health Campaign. January 2010
The results from the Healthy Eating Lifestyles Program (HELP) PilotHeather KunA presentation providing the quantitative and qualitative results of the HELP program as piloted by the LA Chronic Disease Management Consortium January 2008

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