Overview of Services

Health Program Planning

NHF has a long history of health program planning. From the initial needs assessment phase, through program conceptualization and defining objectives, through implementation, NHF can assist or lead a health program planning effort.

Partnership and Fund Development

NHF has experience in the convening of partnerships, particularly multi-sector efforts that bring together public, private and government entities. Creating a partnership, defining measureable objectives for that group, and facilitating ongoing collaboratives are all services NHF can provide. Furthermore, NHF has the capability to raise funds for specific programs through grant writing services.

Evaluation and Assessment

If your organization has a critical research question, operates a program it wants to evaluate, or is designing a program to respond to a funders request and must include an assessment, NHF can help. NHF’s multidisciplinary team has worked with hospitals, clinics and community-based organizations on a number of evaluation and assessment projects. NHF can help streamline data collection and management processes, conduct rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, design program monitoring systems to ensure fidelity, and can thoroughly evaluate a program already in operation.

Analysis of Large Data Sets

NHF has years of experience in designing, managing and troubleshooting both online and network-based data collection systems. If you currently have a database you need assistance in managing, if you are looking to create a unique system, or if you would like to utilize existing public databases to extract data, NHF has the skills and expertise to assist you.

Survey Research

NHF specializes in designing custom surveys to meet the specific needs of their partners. Services include conceptualization of survey objectives, determining appropriate questions and flow of the survey tool, dissemination to a target population, data collection, response solicitation, data analysis and reporting. NHF can also assist partner organizations in the design, programming, dissemination, tracking, analysis and report of online surveys. E-surveys have many advantages over traditional pen-and-paper surveys. Though the process of creating an online survey, NHF helps organizations develop and design more effective and efficient surveys.