Patient and Family Centered Care

Brief Description

The annual Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) Conference has been organized and facilitated by National Health Foundation, Hospital Association of Southern California, Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach and Patient and Family Centered Care Partners, Inc. since 2010. The conferences have provided a unique opportunity for hospital staff, administrators, patients and family members to come together and learn and share skills in PFCC. Annual conference results have demonstrated a wide-spread interest and need for a forum to support the advancement of PFCC practices and policies in Southern California hospitals. NHF has taken the lead in developing a plan and soliciting funding for the development of a PFCC Collaborative modeled after Patient Safety First to further advance work on PFCC efforts in Southern California.

Conference funding comes from vendors, conference attendees, and sponsors. Funding for the implemention of the PFCC collaborative project is pending.

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