Go Harold’s Way: Be a STAR Boys

Brief Description
More than half (52%) of births to teen boys were the result of an unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, 20% of births resulting from an unplanned pregnancy were fathered by men with less than a high school diploma or GED. Unplanned pregnancy and the responsibility if becoming a teen parent can disrupt a young man’s education or training, making it more difficult for him to get the skills he needs to succeed and become a contributing member of his community. While less attention has been given to the role and specific needs of teen boys than girls in preventing pregnancy, it is vitally important to include teen males for comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention.

NHF’s Go Harold’s Way: Be a STAR (Successful Teen Acting Responsibly) Boys program targets adolescent males at greatest risk of fathering a teen pregnancy and subsequent school dropout. The 10-week prevention curriculum promotes responsible behavior and empowers young men to make a commitment to their futures by avoiding risky behavior and focusing on values such as integrity, accountability, self-determination and goal-setting. The program provides individual services, strong linkages to community resources and peer group education sessions at partner school sites.

Measured or Anticipated Outcomes
  • Reduce the incidence of pregnancy among teens participating in the program
  • Improve high school graduation/completion rates among participants
  • Connect participants to health and social services and resources in their communities

Policy Implications
A comprehensive approach to teen pregnancy prevention utilizing individual services and peer group education sessions focuses on improving the overall health, well-being and success of teens and their communities.

Funding is generously provided by the Harold Edelstein Foundation.

Key Partners

NHF partners with Bienvenidos to facilitate program sessions by a male staff.

Jeanette Pena, Program Manager, at jpena@nhfca.org.