Database for Specialized Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation at Sherman Oaks Hospital (S+AGE)

Brief Description
National Health Foundation has developed a partnership with the Specialized Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation (S+AGE) Center at Sherman Oaks Hospital, which is designed to help seniors, caregivers and medical professionals deal with the changes associated with aging through targeted diagnosis and management. This partnership has resulted in the design and implementation of a web-based data collection and evaluation system, which provides S+AGE staff members with the ability to track client and caregiver information and program impact. This system has resulted in a better understanding of senior healthcare delivery systems and the impact S+AGE is having on healthy aging and caregiver stress. Ultimately, S+AGE has utilized these outcomes to improve services, promote awareness of its programs, and increase access within their community. This partnership was in direct response to the philanthropy communities’ burgeoning desire for agencies to conduct evaluation and demonstrate meaningful impact of their financial support.

Measured or Anticipated Outcomes
  • Though this project, NHF had a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the senior healthcare delivery systems, critical needs of the senior and caregiver population and gaps in service provision and delivery.
  • With the database, S+AGE now has the opportunity to better understand the impact their services have on healthy aging and caregiver stress.
  • S+AGE also has the ability to utilize outcomes as a marketing tool to improve awareness of their programs and increase access within their community.

Policy Implications
  • In the current frenzy over accountability, funders and stakeholders are requiring programs to demonstrate measurable outcomes for the clients they serve. Although successful in collecting output data, few care management agencies have the resources necessary to turn those output data into meaningful statements about true program impact. Instead, these agencies often collect copious amounts of useless data, draining resources that would otherwise be directed toward client service. This partnership has demonstrated an innovative technological method to capturing, monitoring and evaluating care management service provision data.

Circle of Care Foundation provided generous funding for this project.

Key Partners
This was a truly collaborative effort between S+AGE and NHF.

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Director of National Development
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