National Youth Transitions Center

Brief Description

The HSC Foundation renovated and launched a green building in the heart of Washington, DC: The National Youth Transitions Center (NYTC). The NYTC has created a forum to enhance the ability of youth and young veterans with disabilities to enter and re-enter the workforce, and participate in and contribute to community life. Transitions for young people with disabilities are particularly complex, encompassing every aspect of life: health, education, social development, vocational training, and work readiness. It affects them and their families and involves a vast array of health and service providers, educators, government agencies and employers. The National Youth Transitions Center exists as an innovative and state-of-the-art “learning community” and provides opportunities for nonprofits serving the disability community to breakdown silos, build capacity, create new partnerships, and extended advocacy, research and service provision. As a key partner in the development of this center, National Health Foundation has researched, developed and fine-tuned a complete administrative and programmatic infrastructure for the National Youth Transitions Center, which serves as a framework to achieve the “collaborative building” concept. National Health Foundation continues to be involved in the capacity building of the collaborative by facilitating joint fund development opportunities for the partners involved at the Transitions Center.

Measured or Anticipated Outcomes
  • Brings together a powerful community of resources, expertise and services focused singularly on transitions for youth and returning veterans with disabilities.
  • Single location in the nation’s capital will provide a collective force for direct services.
  • Prioritizes participation from families and young people in the operations of the NYTC in order to ensure they get the supports necessary for them to succeed.
  • A cost-efficient multi-tenant nonprofit center where resources are leveraged, capacity is built, and direct services are coordinated to best serve the community.
  • Centered on an e-learning community where collaborative partners work together, share information and outcomes, and break down the silos that traditionally inhibit the nonprofit sector.
  • Acts as demonstration to policy makers and advocates of innovative service delivery and community development.
  • Creates a national community of new thinking and learning from research, advocacy, and models of service.

The HSC Foundation has provided generous support for this project.

Key Partners

There are numerous partners who will contribute to the development and implementation of the Center including: Autistic Self Advocacy Network, TransCen, Institute for Educational Leadership, Goodwill of Greater Washington, and George Washington University Graduate School of Education & Human Development.

Danielle Cameron
Director of National Development
Phone: (703) 999-9423
Email :