Los Angeles Chronic Disease Management Consortium (CDMC)

Brief Description
The Los Angeles Chronic Disease Management Consortium (CDMC) was established in 1995, with seed funding provided by Good Hope Medical Foundation, by a group of Los Angeles non-profit hospitals dedicated to providing their patients and surrounding communities with free and culturally appropriate chronic disease management programs. Its members include California Hospital Medical Center, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Good Samaritan Hospital, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Huntington Memorial Hospital and the National Health Foundation. Led and facilitated by the National Health Foundation, the consortium has successfully developed and implemented several prevention and intervention focused programs to address identified chronic diseases including asthma, childhood obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. CDMC’s current programs include the Pasadena Community Asthma Project, the Type 2 Diabetes Screening and Education Program and Heart HELP (a cardiovascular disease program). Completed programs include the Healthy Eating Lifestyles Program (HELP), which, as a result of its success, was developed into a Replication Package that is currently being marketed to hospitals locally and nationally.

What makes CDMC unique?

Each of the programs created and implemented by the CDMC are developed through a collaborative process by a multidisciplinary team of community-rooted medical professionals. Hence, CDMC’s programs are community-based and tailored for implementation in culturally and socioeconomically diverse communities. The consortium’s programs increase effectiveness by building upon each others’ curricula and by employing lessons learned from implementation. Additionally, as a result of the role of the National Health Foundation as facilitator and evaluator of the consortium, the CDMC is able to track progress towards achieving outcomes and provide comprehensive evaluation of all its programs. Through the CDMC, hospitals are able to expand their scope of services to provide chronic disease prevention and intervention programs to their most vulnerable patients and communities.

CDMC Programs

  • Pasadena Community Asthma Project
  • Healthy Eating Lifestyles Project (HELP)
  • Type 2 Diabetes Project
  • Cardiovascular Disease Project (Heart HELP)

CDMC Members

Huntington Hospital, California Hospital Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Funding for programs developed and implemented by the CDMC have been provided by the UniHealth Foundation, Good Hope Medical Foundation and the Watts Health Foundation.

For more information, please contact Mia Arias, Program Director at Marias@nhfca.org