Addressing Caregiver Issues with The HSC Foundation

Brief Description
Caregiving plays a key role in the long-term supportive services system in our nation and is a burgeoning public health concern. Millions of Americans provide unpaid care for spouses, partners, and other family members or friends above the age of 18; thousands more care for children with disabilities and chronic illnesses who will need lifelong assistance; and a growing population of Americans is caring for wounded service men and women returning from combat zones. Currently, there is a lack of coordinated information sharing to bridge the lived experiences of these caregivers and address their specific needs, including the ways in which they are similar to and yet different from each other based on the demographics and health needs of their care recipients. To address the present knowledge gap, The HSC Foundation has brought together National Health Foundation and The MayaTech Corporation to host an expert roundtable and conference to examine the unique strengths, challenges, and needs facing a variety of caregivers.

Measured or Anticipated Outcomes
  • Provide community based organizations a national voice in the health reform debates.
  • Create a venue for NHF to build relationships
  • Define priorities so that The HSC Foundation can have impact in certain areas
  • In fall 2009, host a 30-person expert roundtable to identify conference agenda and key participants.
  • Convene 200 individuals around the topic of caregiving by fall of 2020.

Policy Implications
  • Identifying what are the major challenges the nation is facing in the 21st century in providing informal care for individuals with special health needs who vary in age, developmental level, illness/disability, physical care demands, mental health needs, veteran disability status, and other circumstances.
  • How do scientific, political, and technological forces affect the current context of caregiving, including medical advances, demographic changes, Internet access to health information, telehealth, electronic records, insurance coverage, publicly-funded services, and caregiver tax benefits?

The HSC Foundation is hosting this conference in partnership with National Health Foundation.

Key Partners
NHF and The HSC Foundation are also working with The MayaTech Corporation, an applied public health research and conference management firm in Silver Spring, Maryland, to provide logistical support and additional expertise for conference planning.

Danielle Cameron, Director of National Development , Email : Phone: 703-999-9423 Email: