Database System for Teen Pregnancy Programs

Brief Description
Overall, this project utilizes web-based technology to enhance the breadth and depth of a teen pregnancy outreach program and improves opportunities for sustainability. NHF has designed and implemented the Pregnant and Parenting Teens program, a 10-week school-based program that combines individual and peer group educational sessions. This program has been in operation since early 2007 and has reached hundreds of teen parents within seven Southern California high schools. The Pregnant and Parenting Teen program is poised for replication in both California high schools and educational systems nationwide. A grant for the AT&T Foundation supported the development of a web-based data collection system to monitor program participants and outcomes, provide ongoing resources and education, and maintain strong interpersonal connections. This system provides NHF with the ability to capture the quantitative data to monitor the program objectives and outcomes; maintain participant contact information; and provide ongoing resources, education and information to program participants. BY capturing this data, NHF has the ability to report on the impact of the program and continue to provide resources and referrals to participants after graduation form the program. NHF has expanded this system and utilized for NHF’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention program, Go Harold’s Way: Be a STAR (Successful Teen Acting Responsibly).

Measured or Anticipated Outcomes
  • NHF will have the technological capability to capture the quantitative data to monitor and report on program objectives and outcomes.
  • Reporting on program successes will give NHF better opportunities to secure programmatic funding.
  • NHF will have the ability to maintain participant contact information.
  • With participant contact information captured and updated every six months, NHF will be able to provide ongoing resources, education and information to program participants.

Policy Implications
Information technologies can be uniquely designed to capture health and wellness data and monitor the impact of health programs on the community.

Funding for the development of this database project was provided by the AT&T Foundation.

Key Partners
The Harold Edelstein Foundation generously provides the funding for our ongoing Pregnant and Parenting Teen Support Program.

Jeanette Pena, Program Manager, at