Children’s Health Access and Medical Program (CHAMP)

Brief Description
The Children’s Health Access & Medical Program (CHAMP) works to ensure that every child in Los Angeles County has access to healthcare. Despite numerous public and private outreach efforts to enroll eligible, uninsured children into public and privately financed health insurance programs in LA County, 115,000 eligible children remain uninsured. The complexity of enrollment and renewal procedures prevents many families from enrolling their children into healthcare coverage; for this reason many families turn to application assistance services in their community. CHAMP presents a comprehensive approach to assuring children have access to healthcare services by providing programs that focus on information dissemination, education and technical assistance. As the preeminent training agency in LA County, NHF provides quality, up-to-date training for Certified Application Assistants (CAAs) in order to maintain an adequate number of well-informed assistors. CHAMP provides ongoing technical assistance and resources for assistors to help families apply for, maintain and utilize healthcare coverage. Between July 2003 and June 2011, NHF has trained more than 7,000 assistors and provided more than 500 training sessions in Los Angeles County. NHF has conducted CHAMP training in 18 California counties including Los Angeles.

Measured or Anticipated Outcomes
  • Provide 50 comprehensive training sessions to more than 750 Application Assistors annually
  • Create a pool of knowledgeable advocates for children’s health who directly assist with healthcare coverage enrollment
  • Increase the number of successfully submitted applications for healthcare coverage
  • Improve families’ understanding and awareness of available healthcare coverage options
  • Increase the number of children from low- and moderate-income families who have access to healthcare coverage, leading to a usual source of care, access to preventive care and necessary health care services.

Policy Implications
  • Widespread use of application assistance is a model program which incorporates best practices in outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization to reduce barriers to coverage.
  • A larger pool of well-trained CAAs will ensure that any expansion of health coverage increases enrollment in health coverage and appropriate utilization of health benefits.

Funding is generously provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Children’s Health Outreach Initiatives.

Key Partners
NHF previously received funding from the California Community Foundation and George Hoag Family Foundation to provide CHAMP trainings in Los Angeles County and Orange County, respectively.

Sonia Gandara, Program Coordinator, at .