Healthy Births Initiative Evaluation

Brief Description

First 5 LA has funded a Healthy Births Initiative (HBI) through which it seeks to improve the birth outcomes of at risk pregnant women and new mothers. This includes: a) Pregnant women and new mothers living below 300% of the federal poverty level or with a chronic medical condition related to pregnancy complications who are at increased risk for having low birth weight or preterm infants, fetal or infant deaths, or infants with potentially preventable congenital anomalies, and b) Pregnant teens or teen mothers.

HBI activities will focus on implementing “best practices” or proven interventions in each of eight activity areas: Policy and advocacy, Health education and messaging, Prenatal care quality improvement, Interconception care, Outreach, Case management, Community building and Social support. These activities will be conducted through the Center for Healthy Births (CHB) and four Best Babies Collaboratives (BBCs).

The BBCs have been awarded 3-month planning grants and are planning their 2 year 9 month implementation phases. In June 2005, First 5 LA granted NHF funds to work with the BBCs during the planning phase of the HBI to help the BBCs develop their 3-year outcomes which form the basis of their scopes of work and their 3-year evaluation plans. During these first 4 months of this project, NHF consulted with the BBCs and the CHB on logic modeling and evaluation design and with First 5 LA to help shape the overall HBI evaluation. In January 2007, First 5 LA granted NHF additional funds to assist them during 2006 in measuring program successes at the BBC, CHB and overall HBI levels during the implementation phase by providing additional qualitative and quantitative evaluation support. NHF will also work with First 5 LA to ensure the Initiative has a high quality online data reporting system for its evaluation.