State Training Policy Brief

Brief Description
National Health Foundation was commissioned by The California Endowment to develop a policy brief to lead and shape future trainings for Certified Application Assistants (CAAs) – individuals who help families to enroll their uninsured children in available healthcare coverage programs, to appropriately use the benefits these programs provide and to retain the benefits. Despite expanded enrollment in state, private and local healthcare coverage programs, and extensive efforts and resources invested in outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization (OERU) activities targeting uninsured children, over 1.1 million California children under age 19 remained uninsured in 2003. State reports from the past seven years have shown that families who were assisted with their insurance applications had a higher success rate of having their children enrolled than those families who did not received assistance. The benefits from working with assistors (individuals performing OERU activities) have been evident since the early days of expanded health insurance options for California’s uninsured. This policy brief, recommends ways to enhance the capabilities of those assisting families so that more children will obtain, retain and utilize their health benefits. To download the brief, click here.