Statewide Review and Update Training for Certified Application Assistants

Brief Description
National Health Foundation was awarded a grant from The California Endowment to conduct refresher training (Review & Update) for Certified Application Assistants (CAAs) at six sites in California during February and March 2005. CAAs play a key role in helping families enroll and reenroll their children in health coverage programs. The need for this type of training became evident during 2004 when NHF conducted statewide CAA certification training. Training staff received numerous requests for refresher courses from CAAs who were already certified and therefore not eligible for the certification training. This grant provided a long-awaited opportunity for CAAs, particularly those who were certified several years ago, to sharpen their assistance skills and receive current information on health programs. The training also provided an ideal venue for meeting and networking with other CAAs locally to exchange resource and referral information. Through this grant, over 100 CAAs received face-to-face Review and Update Training in San Diego, Riverside, Bakersfield, San Mateo, Sacramento and Stanislaus Counties.