Healthy Kids in Child Care: Healthy Lifestyles Health Education Packages

Brief Description

The National Health Foundation recently received $60,000 from The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation to increase child care providers’ abilities to provide healthy food and physical activity opportunities for the children in their care and to work with parents to promote children’s health.

Licensed-exempt child care providers need, but do not receive, nutrition education or meal subsidies from the United States Department of Agriculture. They are also in particular need of fun, safe physical activities for children playing in relatively small spaces. NHF will address these issues by adapting and expanding an existing curriculum for community-based organizations to meet child care providers’ needs. A training and health kit package will equip providers with the knowledge and tools to integrate healthy eating and lifestyle practices into their child care services and will promote children’s access to regular, comprehensive healthcare services by informing their parents about available subsidized health coverage programs. NHF will provide two workshops for day care providers in July 2005 at a child care conference.