Brief Description
National Health Foundation (NHF) received a contract from MAXIMUS, the Healthy Families Program administrative vendor, in November 2003 to provide Certified Application Assistant (CAA) training throughout California. NHF’s trainers developed a comprehensive reference manual and began offering the training in late February 2004. Between February and December 2004, NHF conducted 66 trainings in 26 counties throughout the state. NHF responded to requests for training and therefore provided a number of trainings in rural counties (e.g., Siskiyou, Lake and Humboldt) where CAA trainings had not historically been offered. The 1,266 individuals trained worked in 44 of California’s 58 counties. The one and a half day training was offered to staff from community-based organizations, schools, provider offices, hospitals as well as to other individuals who work with or come in contact with uninsured families. It provided them with the knowledge and tools to successfully enroll uninsured children in appropriate healthcare programs. The first day of training included NHF’s CHAMP training created in 1997 and covered government and private sector programs for which children may be eligible as well as the steps necessary to screen children for eligibility. The second day of training specifically focused on the Medi-Cal and Healthy Families programs and their eligibility requirements and expanded upon the instructions and information in the joint Healthy Families and Medi-Cal for Families mail-in application. In order to become a CAA, each participant had to successfully complete the entire 12-hour training.