Past Programs & Projects

Healthcare Delivery SystemsStart Date
Orange County Recuperative Care Program2009
Database for Specialized Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation at Sherman Oaks Hospital (S+AGE)2009
Addressing Caregiver Issues with The HSC Foundation2009
Self Pay Study: Trends in Hospital Utilization by Uninsured Southern Californians2008
Drug Abusing Women and Neonatal Project2008
Antelope Valley Hospital Healthy Homes Evaluation2008
California Hospital-Based Palliative Care Survey2008
Health Summit2008
Los Angeles County Pandemic Flu Hospital Planning Model 2008
Recuperative Care Demonstration Project2007
Westside Infant-Family Network (WIN)2007
Chronicling the California Child Welfare Services Redesign2007
Healthy Births Initiative Evaluation2007
The California Wellness Foundation 2006 Grants Program Survey2007
Collaborative for a Fit and Healthy Future2006
Asthma Website Project2006
Healthy Kids in Child Care: Healthy Lifestyles Health Education Packages2005
Clinic-Medical Center Partnership Project2005
Emergency Room Self Pay Study2005
NHF Self Pay Study: LA County and Inland Empire2005
Senior Cyber Health2004
Inventory of Performance Measures Collection & Reporting by California Hospitals2004
Nursing Workforce Initiative2003
Prenatal Case Management2003
Los Angeles County Scenario III Study2003
Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE)2002
Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County1996
Poison Control Centers1996
Healthcare Data Information Corporation (HDIC)1994
Study of the Healthcare Delivery System in LA County 
Tobacco Control Projects 
Los Angeles Free Clinic Evaluation Project 
4 the Health of LA 
Hospital ER Survey 

Underserved Children and FamiliesStart Date
Healthy Youth Development: Reaching California’s Minority Youth with Disabilities 2012
National Youth Transitions Center2010
CHAMP Enhancement2009
CHAMP Oral Health Curriculum2008
One-e-App Training2007
CHAMP-Net Enhancement2006
3rd Annual Southern California Conference for CAAs and Health Advocates2006
Children's Health Initiative Expanded Training2006
State Training Policy Brief2005
Statewide Review and Update Training for Certified Application Assistants2004
State of California CHAMP/CAA Training2003
Children’s Health Access and Medical Program (CHAMP)2003
Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM)2003
Prenatal & OB Access Project2003
Health and Mental Health Advocacy Summit1994
Barriers to Healthcare for Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents