Gerald Sullivan, MBA
The Sullivan Group


Gerald Sullivan is Chairman of Gerald J. Sullivan & Associates, the focus company for all members of The Sullivan Group. With over 50 years of in-depth and extensive experience in numerous aspects of the insurance business (regulatory, investment, company, claims, program manager, reinsurance and wholesale intermediary), Mr. Sullivan brings to the Group unique skills, ability and contacts as leader of this outstanding organization. Having grown up in an insurance family, Mr. Sullivan moved to Southern California in the early ‘70s where he worked with George Walker in the development and expansion of a varied book of property & casualty business, including the largest medical professional liability insurance program in the U.S. During this time, Mr. Sullivan also oversaw a large book of treaty reinsurance business on behalf of the family reinsurance intermediary firm, John F. Sullivan Co. With heavy emphasis on service to both clients and markets, the Group has grown into one of the largest privately owned brokerages in the country providing services in the wholesale, reinsurance and retail areas of the business.